Product Development

Until recently, it was not widespread knowledge that we have individuals who can create their cryptocurrency using blockchain technology. Most people that have tried have had low acceptability due to the widespread influx of internet scammers and fake schemes in the world today. To develop your cryptocurrency, you will need an open-source code that needs a considerable amount of programming that will modify the source code. Also, you can use the various cryptocurrency development platforms available online. Examples include and, which helps you make the transition of your coin from source code to a platform easily.


Developing your cryptocurrency is a hurricane task that requires a feasible concept for it to deliver. Orbit Network provides innovative crypto development services by using solutions that satisfy consumer purpose. Development of a cryptocurrency coin requires cutting edge technology alongside reliable and self-sufficient blockchain technology focused on providing excellent crypto development services. Altcoin Development, also known as the alternative to Bitcoin, involves developing a crypto coin from scratch using blockchain consensus regulations. Here, resources are drawn from a data mining pool to create cryptocurrency platforms such as Litecoin, Ripple, Dogecoin, NYE Coin, amongst others.

Most of these new cryptocurrencies offer flexibility and easy integration with other platforms such as the web apps, and you can decide to trade cryptocurrency on the global stock exchange using them, such as NYE Coin which is our latest developed project aiming to connect all the trading platforms in Orbitex. They are future proof and hardcoded, making them hard to invalidate.

Our cryptocurrency development has a starting price of 899,000$ and can be completely customized base on your need.